Cardio-Matrex : The New Paradigm

Boy Gets First of Kind Stem Cell Transplant Doctors at Beaumont Hospital in Royal Oak, Mich., led by Dr. Cindy Grines and Dr. William O'Neill, suggested an experimental treatment . The patient, 16-year-old Dimitri Bonnville, had a massive heart attack after being shot in the heart with a nail gun. "This treatment was Dimitri's only option, aside from a heart transplant," says William O'Neill, M.D., Beaumont's chief of cardiology

Cardio-Matrex : The New Paradigm

Regenerating the damaged human heart therapeutically is the new paradigm that was a heresy not too long ago. Regenerative cardiology is now a segment of one of the most heavily funded areas of medical research in human history.

In its Second Coming the drug development industry is back with a vengeance to conquer the eluding dream. The rush to get a non-invasive heart repair drug is unprecedented.

Such a scale of drug development initiative for a single category of indication has no parallel or precedence in the healthcare industry. It's nothing less than the Gold Rush of 21st Century.


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