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Are breast cancers caused by recalcitrant stem cells?

Background of the Invention

After 100 years of using the destructive power of radiation upon tumor and cancer cells what is needed in the art and has not been available is an apparatus for destroying dividing cells, wherein the apparatus better discriminates between dividing cells, and non-dividing cells and is capable of selectively destroying the dividing cells or organisms with substantially no effect on the non-dividing cells or organisms.

About five years ago came the discovery that stem cells cause cancer and it appeared that for 50 years oncologists have been literally studying the wrong cells and looking in the wrong direction.

Several of our research colleagues began exploring what happens to precancerous stem cells in early tumors that do not show up in mammograms until years later because of limitations in conventional radiology. Several questions were asked including:

If breast cancer is caused by rogue stem cells, which exhibit rapid growth in tumors, is there a way to stop the cells from growing by designing new bioreactors that would stop these early precancerous cells without using radiation and before they become a cancer and kill the patient?


We now believe the answer is a resounding yes.


 The Smart-Bra was featured on the CBS News during Cancer Awareness Month involving a new US medical patent that uses a new type of bioreactor which will disrupt the early growth of precancerous stem cells and tumors in breast cancer patients. This is a major breakthrough involving an entirely new and formally undiscovered branch of cancer research.


“In women’s regenerative and personalized medicine this discovery was like landing on the moon.”




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