Neocardiogenesis Foundation Inc.

A Letter to the Industry:

The Foundation is a non-profit research organization, and does not sell products or therapies. The purpose of the organization is to conduct advanced cardiovascular research and to assist and support our members by funding/securing grants and supporting our member’s scientific/medical projects.

Membership is at this time complimentary and available to all physician/scientists; academic/industry researchers; biomedical companies; Trusts/Foundations; and patient advocacy groups;

The foundation may at times, be acting as a bio-broker, helping emerging biomedical groups, secure world class consultants; equipment; GMP lab space; and funding for new viable projects/products worldwide.

To protect the confidentiality of the group and its members, the foundation does not publish or make available any membership/or scientific directors affiliations; unless the specific member wishes to publish their papers; or showcase their companies or patents on foundation related media.

We do encourage –open membership, and open access for members to establish research contacts, and collaborations with fellow members; and to nurture and assist our members with the development of new intellectual properties.

In addition, the foundation will protect the IP and trade secrets of all members; making available a world class legal department; IP strategic support and career counseling.

In conclusion, the strength of an organization is based in part upon the success of its individual members; you are personally invited to join and contribute to the future of medicine. All inquiries are held strictly confidential.

Complementary membership inquiries:


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