More than 2 million Indians need, but cannot afford, heart surgery.

That may be about to change. Private financing accounts for 78% of total health expenditure – one of the highest proportions in the world.(Morgan Barclay Medical Capital India)

"But what percentage of people can afford it? If a solution is not affordable, it is not a solution." Dr Devi Shetty

India's no.1 killer: Heart disease

Largest-ever study of deaths shows heart ailments have replaced communicable diseases as the biggest killer in rural & urban India. Now researchers say India, a country with more than one billion people, will likely account for 60 per cent of heart disease patients worldwide.

The heart disease mutation carried by 60 million! Indian scientists express this genetic risk as an odds ratio; where 1.2 would be a small effect and 2.0 a large one. For the MYBPC3 mutation, the odds ratio is almost off-scale, a staggering 7.0.
 Carriers usually show few symptoms until middle age, but after that age most are symptomatic and suffer from a range of effects, at worst sudden cardiac death. The mutation almost guarantees the development of the disease and Indians suffer heart attacks at an earlier age, often without prior symptoms or warning.

Cardio-Matrex’s proprietary technology expands populations of cord blood stem cells to create a therapeutic dose to treat such patients. The expanded CD133 cells are combined with various tissue engineering jells, such as self-assembling nano-peptides; hydrogels, collagen, or nano matrix to create a completely non-invasive restorative therapeutic.  To produce 500 doses of Cardio-Matrex per day,($180 million dollars/year @ $1000 dollars/dose) requires cord blood banks to assure a continuous uninterrupted supply of genetically screened and HLA tested strategic reserves. Note: upon M&A or other Exit Strategy, in a short 5 years; these cord blood banks reserves are valued at between $400-$600 million dollars combined. How exactly? Please review medical and financial data attached.

Cardio-Matrex is a tissue engineering product, capable of the regenerating aged and diseased heart tissues. Available for critically ill patients, this humanitarian life saving biologic, represents a quantum leap ahead of all competitors.

Cardio-Matrex Tissue Engineering Therapeutics Inc.

A Wyoming based corporation formed in 2016, with 200 million authorized shares of stock and is currently poised to finance-fund and expand operations in India, with a small mini-IPO under the new SEC Reg. A Plus Rules. These new SEC Regs, allow for the first time, new companies with exciting products, to sell up to $50 million dollars per year of stock to completely, “non-accredited” investors. The formal SEC rules have only allowed sales to “accredited” investors, with income and asset requirements. ($300 K per year income-plus $1 million dollars in assets, separate from primary residence) Here Cardio-Matrex India will begin targeting the 50,000 physicians in the US from India that can understand the medical science and see the future market and humanitarian need. Cardio-Matrex only requires a small infusion of capital to “jump-start” the Mini-IPO machine.